Due to curiosity, I stopped by to check the aisles of Odyssey. Aside from the usual dance, OPM and billboard hits, I saw this whole stall of K-pop CD’s. I was hoping na may maliligaw na C-pop album somwhere (yeah, I’m that desperate!) Much to my dismay, there was not one. No Jay Chou, no S.H.E, no Rainie Yang.

I wonder when the Taiwanese wave will hit the shores of our country. Or was it only during the Meteor Garden era?

That was quite a long time ago… I was in grade one then. I dream of the day when Jay Chou and Show Luo would be household names, when Da Mouth’s music becomes the usual party music people would dance to and rap along, and Mandopop being the one danced on TV. 🙂

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