The First Half of January

This is the new year so far:


We got a puppy as a gift from my Dad last Christmas! He was actually nameless for the first few days. I wanted its name to be “Show” (either pronounced like the verb or like “cow”) while my siblings wanted Ace.  It was supposedly from Ace and Gary, which I’m quite unsure of. I thought of Ace Hardware, haha. I guess the name stuck. Ace is a three month old Askal/Aspin.


新年快乐!Last Saturday, I bought a lot of Chinese delicacies at Eng Bee Tin (since it’s gonna be Chinese New Year anyway, or is it just an excuse to buy snacks?) I love their hopia, especially the ube ones. I also bought mooncakes (which are also my favorite), some cracker nuts and fortune cookies.

We had our oral defense for our investigatory project for Chemistry. I swear it drained half of my brain cells. I spent the whole weekend revising and reviewing our paper, as well as making the PowerPoint presentation and videos. I was so pressured especially when the panelists raised their questions. Fortunately, we received positive remarks, though we could have done better… I really hope that this pulls our grade up. My grade in Chem is terrible.

Two weeks have passed since the puppy bit my toe. I freaked out. I was scared since it might have rabies (but I heard puppies don’t “get” rabies until they reach a certain age). I was injected three times just to make sure (hello to six scars on my arms!) I really hope that I’m fine, as well as Ace.

Here’s a funny story that happened just yesterday: I received a certificate for being Top One… well, borrower in the school library. I was seriously surprised that I was awarded top user for the month of December. It was because on the last day of school (before the Christmas break), I went and borrowed two Chinese books to read during the break. Yes, two! I was seriously laughing my socks off since the only time I borrowed books was that day. And then I was awarded first place?!

Well, it only meant that nobody really goes to the library to borrow books anymore (which is honestly saddening). Hmm… I wonder who the top two and three users are? Or are there?

I can’t say if I’m proud of this one… haha.


Food to celebrate my failure. Hehe.

2012 so far is a complete mess because of school. I must learn how to deal with disappointment, anxiety and misery. Help me, please!

I hope the new year is going smoothly for you. 😀


7 thoughts on “The First Half of January

  1. … I nearly LOL’d at the borrowing thing.
    I’m so sorry Maita, but that’s just hilarious. I personally don’t borrow from our library (two reasons: I don’t like most books there and I also don’t have time to go. or maybe I’m just lazy), but our batch is so… pathetic. gah.


    that is all.

  2. Raissa, it’s okay, I literally LOL’d too. Seriously. =)) Like what I said sa blog post, I can’t even say if I’m proud of this award… it really is hilarious. Sa lahat pa ng award, ito pa. Nakakatawa talaga. Seryoso. =)) I don’t borrow either — first time this school year nun! Natatawa lang talaga ako kasi dalawang libro lang. DALAWA. Kapag ganun, do you think may top two and three pa (unless someone borrowed one? or something?)

    Sad truth.

    Thanks! It’s an annoying puppy though. Bit my toe — unnecessary medical expenses. wasted time and gas, fear of getting rabies, etc…

  3. BE LOUD AND BE PROUD! every achievement is an achievement, no matter how… hilarious it may seem. =))))

    I don’t borrow… I buy. Which is probably the reason of the high number of unread books on my shelves -.- no matter, at least I don’t have to venture to the library’s unfamiliar shelves.

    Possibly nagborrow ng tig-isa yung top two and three… or something. AHAHAH i just keep thinking how out of the WHOLE high school, no one borrowed more than two books. Oh, how sadly hilarious. =)))))

    (is it by batch or by LRC? as I remember, it’s by the whole LRC, not just the batch. so it’s funny.)

    Aww… well, it still looks adorable. Maybe that’s just me, since I a) have never had a pet before, and b) am afraid of dogs. I dunno, I just am.

  4. Maita! 🙂
    You never told me you have a dog… or that you got that award (very funny :)) )

  5. Hahahahaha really? Wow… I feel bad for myself… I just realized how “secretive” I am 😦 Haha. “You didn’t ask!” Joke =))

    IKR!!! So stupid!! Hahahah!

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