Here’s a picture of a goat I took during a recent trip to Baguio. It was my first time to see one really up close! I like how its fur here looks so soft, well-combed and shiny somehow. It was kind of hard to take a picture of since it kept on going around, eating the leaves. For a moment it stopped and looked at me in the eye.

Baguio brings back so many memories.


5 thoughts on “Goat

  1. I’d just like to comment that despite this goat looking harmless, it reminds me of the creepy-looking and insane goat that is seen in the error pages of Livejournal.

    That is all.

  2. Raissa!! Alam mo, natawa ako as in grabe sa comment mo. =)) HILARIOUS~ Yey, Maita actually gets your comment, for real. LJ goat for the win! Haha (omg, did I just say that phrase -_-) Haha. See you tomorrow. Back to reality. 😦

    I told you, you talk funny online =)) I don’t mean it in a bad way, pero yung choice of words mo, hahahaha.



  4. We-ell, I have no idea what makes me funny online… Kaya thanks na lang =))))

    Seriously… The LJ goat still creeps me out.

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