2011: My Year of Firsts

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s already another year (and it’s a leap year!) 2011 had gone so fast.

It was a pretty good year even though I wasn’t always happy and one reason is because of unnecessary stress. My goals this 2012 are to inject positivity in the things I do and see the beauty and goodness in the people that surround me (and hopefully in myself as well, hehe.) And of course, to be able to blog religiously (at least one post per week!)

I’d like to look back to the year 2011. What pops in my mind are: school, classroom, Chinese characters, fireworks (from New Year’s eve), papers, trees, ๅคงๅ˜ดๅทด and smiley faces (I don’t know why that popped up).

Looking back and by reading my past blogs posts and flipping through my diary and journals, I can say that 2011 was my “year of firsts”. I became quite open to a lot of new things and hobbies and experienced a lot of things I haven’t done before, maybe because I’m in high school. Nothing really big or special… it’s not like I did bungee-jumping or rode a parachute though, but they were very memorable happenings and events.

It was my first time to…

…watch a concert live.

It wasn’t any specific band or singer, VIP or gold tickets or in Smart Araneta Coliseum. I watched a Sunday variety show, Party Pilipinas, live! If you know me, you know how mababaw I am when it comes to celebrities and personalities especially when I get to see them in person. It was like heaven for me — getting to see my idols live fifteen feet away. And the feeling of getting to see your celebrity crushes is just… beyond amazing!

…be a class officer.

This isn’t even part of my bucket list and I honestly never even dreamt to be one. I wasn’t very confident being nominated since I have no leadership skills and I didn’t think I had “authority” over anything or anyone. I became my class’ secretary. It’s a very tedious job — making it a point to have the teachers sign the attendance sheet every single period, forcibly marking my classmates tardy (which I honestly hate doing since you know, I’m a student too!), attending meetings and trainings making me miss classes. On the brighter side, it teaches me responsibility and fairness.

…learn new things and hobbies.

In 2011, I forced myself to know how to use Windows Movie Maker. I learned how to use different Adobe programs. I also learned another language. I painted on my clothes.

…get contact lenses.

I sometimes miss the “old me” — that short girl with her hair tied wearing black thick-rimmed glasses. That sort of represented a part of who I am; how people knew me. (Nothing’s changed, I’m still the same person!) I’ve worn glasses since I was six years old, and it just all stopped with something so unexepected. It’s a long story of me accompanying my dad to the optical shop. I decided to have my eyes checked since it’s been two years since I last changed my glasses’ lenses. The optometrist suggested to get contact lenses because of them being cheaper, better, and more affordable. And the rest is history.

…attend sleepovers.

It was usually because of doing projects we had no time to do in school. It’s fun doing projects with close friends as groupmates. A nice thing is when the family of your friend is very hospitable!

…join an extra-curricular.

My English teacher in first year recommended me to attend a journalism workshop last summer. Little did I know that it was to train students to be campus journalists. It was unexpected and unplanned but I am very thankful I attended it. I’m blessed to be part of a very supportive, fun and creative newspaper team. I love news writing. I became a literary editor (wenk!) Hopefully, I can be part of it until I graduate high school.

…attend forums and seminars.

It is required/encouraged that the writers attend workshops to enrich writing and vocabulary skills or to cover the event. It’s a great way to meet our fellow students from other schools and have added knowledge on different things such as current events and social issues and listen to inspirational speakers.

…win an award in high school.

We had a project in our Filipino class called “Tele-Dula”, tele meaning television and dula meaning drama. We had to make a short film about any Asian culture. Our group came up with Resbak (revenge), which is about students who end up playing with a ouija board because of curiosity. We represented our section for our batch’s contest and won first place. It was awarded Best Script, which was written by yours truly (hehe!) It also claimed other awards. Kudos to my groupmates.

Hard work really pays off in the end and you reap what you sow — spending weekends to brainstorm, filming after school hours, and burning the midnight oil to finalize the script with my fellow groupmates. And to actually enjoy what you’re doing is the best feeling.

You can watch it here:

Did you experience any “firsts” last year? I’d like to know.

To conclude, I’d like to wish everybody a blessed, memorable and productive year ahead! Happy 2012!

P.S. Is postaweek2011 still applicable? Oh well, I guess not. ๐Ÿ˜€

10 thoughts on “2011: My Year of Firsts

  1. Nice to read that you’ve had quite a few interesting and enriching “firsts” last year. Hope you will find more “firsts” to take up this year that will help you move toward your aspirations.

  2. In my point of view, a first is much better than a last, though just as special. Hahah.

    weeeew, are you sure that it’s the first time you’re a class officer? I never would’ve figured.

  3. Thank you so much, Lydia! I am looking forward to that as well. New year, new opportunities. Did you experience any “firsts” in 2011?

    I didn’t know you were teachmechinese until I saw your URL! I’m really happy to receive a comment from you. It’s only recently that I’ve subscribed to your blog, but I’ve bookmarked it ever since last year. Your posts really helped me in knowing Chinese (even up to now)! I owe a lot to you. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Yeah! I agree. I wonder what “firsts” I’d experience this year. First crush in high school? LOL ASA =)) No.

    If anybody from school reads this (though I doubt), no, I don’t have a crush on anyone. And, please don’t pair me with guys I don’t like. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Ikaw, what “firsts” did you experience last year? I know! First time to have a Mac? (Wala, random lang.)

    Yes, first time. I am very sure. LOL. Naging officer ka na diba? Why naman (na you’d never figured?)

  5. Weeew… sino ang mga candidate? =))))))

    AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH oh how I feel you. They pair me up with supposedly “smart” people. That, in itself, does not make sense to me.

    HAHAH YES, FIRST TIME TO HAVE A MAC. First time to play a game from the Sims franchise. (well, I’m not sure if this was a 2011 or a 2010 first… HAHAH). The rest is mostly things-I-don’t-or-don’t-want-to-remember.

    Once, grade 2. Secretary. Our VP was impeached so I was the one writing the Noisy & Most Behaved. =))
    I don’t know… you’re too responsible not to have been elected before. Hahah.

  6. Candidates? Hmm, hmm… *insert Y!M emoticon that does something to his chin* I honestly never thought about it. I don’t really “like” anybody from school. Haha.

    But in general, I “like” a guy who’s chinito (well, haha), clean cut or guy next door or whatever they call it. :p Personality — hindi mayabang (batu-bato sa langit, ang tamaan ‘wag magalit!), religious (not necessarily someone who memorizes the Litany, basta nagsisimba tsaka naniniwala sa Diyos), super kind, neat, may pake sa mundo (alam mo na ‘yun hehe), thoughtful. BLAH erase erase. Wala akong maisip. =))

    Yey! First time din akong naglaro ng TS3! Oh yeah, same here. I understand.

    Grade 2 pa? How can you not have been elected? Seriously? =))

    Thanks! I’ll take that as a compliment, pero… well, you know.

  7. They’re not that likable, so that’s a bit of a given, I guess… HAHAH.

    Wew naman… pero (not to be pessimistic), at this day and age, that is quite rare… Hahah.

    I like Sims. Wheeeeee~

    … I decline nominations. Yes, oh yes. HAHAH. IT IS A COMPLIMENT, MAITA. ;;)

  8. =)) Natawa na naman ako sa comment mo.

    Huwat. What the what (diba ikaw nagsasabi nun? or not?) Haha. Thanks! Oh yeah, you were supposed to be elected as secretary!!! You declined! Eh, I couldn’t decline since pinagpilian na ‘yun. Eh, halos na nga walang “qualified” eh. Haha, alam mo na ‘yun.

  9. Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been writing on that clear blue attendance folder every single period of every single day… I don’t know. Oh well, on the brighter side, I finally have a ~role~ in the class. Hindi na salot. Joke. It’s the pessimistic me ranting again! Haha joke lang ‘yun :p

  10. I AM PANNY~
    i like that.

    =))))))) I backed out because I am cool like that. Or something in those words (my brain is obviously not functioning properly).

    I really found that hilarious… how such a small percentage of the class was qualified. Just so FUNNY (I’m not being sarcastic, I swear. I really did find it hilarious).

    Salot agad? Di ba pwedeng malas muna?
    HAHAH joke joke Praybeyt Benjamin. =))))))))))

    pero masarap ng walang responsibility… HAHAH.

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