Thoughts at 12 AM

Here are my thoughts at 12 AM. Must sleep. Can’t sleep… must be because of my regular intake of tea.

We took two tests last week — PACT (Philippine Aptitude Classification Test) and POIS (Philippine Occupational Interest Survey). PACT was extremely long. It consisted of 270 questions. It was disappointing since I wasn’t able to finish it. A lot of my classmates finished ahead of time, so it made me wonder if I was really taking my time or they didn’t take it seriously. The career test was really funny since it was obviously outdated –telegram worker?

I didn’t know that we’d be taking a career exam that day. We even had to fill in a blank that asked the course we ought to take in college. I was so unprepared. I honestly had no idea what to write. It was the last thing I filled up, and only wrote when the facilitator said to pass the questionnaires. I wrote a certain course I realized I wouldn’t even take up. I don’t know why I wrote that –maybe it is because I already have some “skill” in that field.

It really got me thinking… what do I really want to be when I grow up?

When I was much younger, I wanted to be a doctor and a dentist. I don’t even think of it now. Early grade school, I wanted to be a teacher. I would even pretend I had a bunch of students. Being a teacher is such a noble profession I wouldn’t mind being.

A project we made this school year made me enjoy scriptwriting, directing, video editing and filming. I usually hate projects but I enjoyed every single bit of this one. I consider taking up Film.

What if I be a segment producer or a  broadcast journalist and work in the media?

I always dreamt of working in the government. I don’t dream of being the president or senator though. I would like to work in the Department of ________ (probably Tourism or Foreign Affairs). I want to be a consul, diplomat, or a secretary –basically be a public servant and give back to my country. I don’t know. I dream big… who am I? Lol. I wonder if Political Science or Public Administration is the right course for me.

Well, I guess I’m still in that stage where I’m trying to figure out what my strengths and weaknesses are and what I really enjoy doing…

*to be continued*


11 thoughts on “Thoughts at 12 AM

  1. well, it is hard to figure out what you really want in life… it’s not a snap decision. You have to have actual interest in it and actual passion for the job. Then you have to figure out which of your interest do you feel most passionate about.

    well, lucky you; at least you have interests. Hahah.

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

  2. Thanks Raissa… your words are very inspiring. I will keep that in mind. Hay, we have at least two more years to think and decide. Heh, kung saan nalang tayo dalhin ng hangin. Joke :))

    Hay ikaw na naman :)) May interests ka rin noh :))

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you for the lovely gift!

  3. I’m very inspiring pala? are you sure? =)))))) Two scary, scary years. Hahah.

    WALA EH. hanapan mo nga ako. =)))

    I’m glad you liked your gift :”> sobrang late na ng reply na ‘to eh. =))

    Whaaaat why naman. =))

  4. Why, ‘di mo matanggap? LOL 😀 Pwede kang psychologist/guidance counselor (though I doubt you’d like the latter, hahahaha).

    Dapat pala tinanong ka ni Sir kanina sa Journ kung anong interests mo! Haha! Meron ka noh. I could name a couple. :p

    Ewan ko… anonymous comments not allowed? Change it! 😀

  5. Psychologists only make good money abroad; if you stay here, you’d end up in a mental ward. I’d like to study Psychology, pero practically, it’s not… well, practical. Hahah.

    HINDEEEEEE. what’s mine? =))

    … what’s the journal default? 😦 I am not sure how to change it. =))

  6. Really? Well, if that’s the case…

    Lol nakakatawa ka, tinatanong mo pa ‘ko. =)) What comes to my head are: Castle (wew, alam ko!), Harry Potter, Bones, Tumblr (?).

    Okay, I’ll be serious. Haha. Math, HTML/layouts (basta yung design with coding haha), mystery(?)/crime/detective/basta yung category na ‘yun!

    I hope we would be able to know what really interests us. Hayz.

  7. Yes, sadly, that’s the case. Plus, I’m not interested in practicing Psychology (if I DO end up taking it)… I’m just really curious about what goes on in people’s heads.

    Ehh… that’s not an interest that will get me to College. =))))) And those others… IDK. Hahah. I don’t want to do Math FOREVER ;-;

    PACT/POIS results should be given this week… bakit wala pa?

  8. But you’re good at Math! 😀

    Oo nga noh. Sabi ba this week? Ahhh! Alam ko na. Malamang sa report card day ibibigay ‘yun. Hayz, ano kaya sa’tin. =))


    at least, that’s what I’ve been told before. “Don’t run when a dog is following you or they will chase you.” Or something of the sort.

    THEY DID NOT GIVE IT ;-; I am sad and a little scared.

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