21 Rants and Raves

  • Ugh, smart people. Eff.
  • These projects are stressing me out. Freeloaders.
  • I always have wrong impressions of people… I always prove myself wrong.
  • I thought you were well-liked.
  • Turns out I am wrong. And I thought I was the one hate, feared, despised and everything.
  • Compliments, compliments. Nice to give and receive. Genuine compliments add a point to my self-esteem.
  • I am Maita. Maita is wearing glasses now.
  • I have found a new identity because of a position.
  • I cannot wait for Christmas.
  • When will I experience “absolute happiness” again?
  • What a group. I am going solo.
  • Bakit ako nag-Iingles?
  • I want to blog. Miss ko na ang blogging…
  • Hay, buhay. Why do I feel happy and sad all the time.
  • FML. What I tell myself all the time.
  • 我爱爸爸。。。。他爱我。
  • Mandopop makes me happy.
  • I am the weird one. I am atypical.
  • 2011 was the year that lead me to so many surprises.
  • Confused on what I really want to be… come to think of it, I will be taking college entrance exams mid 2013. Seems like a far year but 2011 is already about to end.

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