Am I the only one who doesn’t wear short shorts?

*reposted from old blog, May 2011*

Ever since I started choosing the outfits I would wear in a day on my own, as well as shopping for clothes, a pair of short shorts wasn’t one of them. I’m a pretty conservative person and I don’t really feel comfortable wearing clothes that are too revealing, especially if they’re short shorts. I am often “judged” for this by my peers. I would never consider myself wearing them despite the fact that they’re something my girl classmates and friends consider as a part of their everyday outfit wherever.

I’ve asked a few people why they wear short shorts. Here are their responses:

It’s hot.
Considering now that it’s summer, where 34 degrees Celsius is normal. Pretty logical -with the unbearable weather, wearing short shorts would give us a little bit of comfort and ease. What I don’t understand is when people are at an air-conditioned mall (oh, specifically at the ice skating rink) and are still wearing short shorts, when they’re wearing a jacket. Sacrificing comfort for fashion, if I must say.

Be confident!
I’m not too confident in showing my legs either (not that I have anything against them). There was a time that I happened to be wearing shorts that were above my knee at a restaurant (but they weren’t the ones one would consider as “short shorts”), and it bothered me the whole time. I’m not after the idea whether one likes their legs enough to show them.

There’s nothing wrong with it. Everybody wears them anyway.
Wearing short shorts is a norm of the society I can’t seem to conform to. But it doesn’t follow that we should do something just because majority does it. Secondly, just because everybody does something, there’s nothing wrong it? So if one day everybody takes drugs, it’s no big deal? I don’t believe that there’s nothing wrong it, it’s just that it’s something accepted. (‘Kay, wait… I think I’m going to far.) Hey, nobody said that following fad is mandatory.

My grandfather told me once that when he was younger, if a girl wore short shorts (or any revealing clothing), people immediately knew she was a prostitute. Literally. Well, that’s society. What may be hated before may be tolerated now; what may be cool 20 years ago may be the weirdest thing that ever existed.

Obviously and subconsciously, deny it or not, people who wear short shorts want to look good. I think that’s a good thing -that’s being confident, actually, which is a trait I can never obtain. (In that sense!)

As they said, you’re young, so flaunt it while you can. One day, I might change my view on this, and the time I would want to wear them is when I already have children and probably be more embarrassed with all those stretch marks on my thighs.

Do you like wearing short shorts? Do you look at people who wear revealing clothes differently?

5 thoughts on “Am I the only one who doesn’t wear short shorts?

  1. I hate short shorts. Only times I would wear shorts: at home and at the grocery when forced by my mom. Hahah.

  2. @Raissa

    Yeah, I also wear shorts at home. Don’t own a pair of “short” shorts though. Mine are a little above the knee (or sa knee mismo).

    Hi Raissa! *ehem* Thanks for taking time na basahin yung blog na’to… this is the place where I could indirectly “tell” people who I really am, somehow -like how atypical I am. And weird. Trust me, I AM weirder than you. No, mali. I am weird. Haha, we actually argue on who really is the weird one! Weird. Napakababaw natin. =))

  3. ah… remember what they’re actually called? hard to say it without being crude =))))

    … fyi, I AM weirder 😉

  4. YES! If we’re talking about the same thing? Hahahahahaha

    No! Okay, we argue again. :))


    ehhhhhhh it’s fun to argue do you not believe that.

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