On my Love for Asian Drama

Corner With Love
Corner with Love. Image via Wikipedia

Ever since I was young, I’ve always enjoyed watching TV, specifically local shows. I enjoy the news, dramas, documentaries, cooking shows and basically anything I end up watching when I channel scan. It’s definitely my favorite pastime. It’s only been recently that I’ve been hooked to Asian drama due to a friend who subconsciously influenced me, and I’d like to endlessly thank her for that!

It all started when Nitchelle, my friend, and I went to a place that sold DVD’s. She already had in her mind what drama she wanted to buy. Since it was Christmas break that time, I was bored of being bored. We planned to have a drama marathon and watch what she bought during the break. I agreed, so I ended up buying two DVD’s for me to watch if we weren’t watching together.

The first Taiwanese drama I’ve watched from beginning till the end –Corner with Love.

This was one of the dramas I bought that time. It’s weird that I bought it since I haven’t heard about it at all! I asked the lady what drama was nakakaiyak na hindi, hindi naman comedy, yung normal lang. (Forgive me for the weird description. I remember telling that to the lady!) She referred this drama. The lead star is the ever-famous Barbie Hsu or 大S of Meteor Garden. I read the back of the DVD Cover and thought it was interesting, and bought it. It’s a beautiful story about two people who met an accident in the corner of the road. And the story goes on. I liked the lead man, Show Luo (罗志祥) and that is how he became one of my favorite artists (which I might write about in another entry). The drama had a couple of twists and turns though. I may be biased since this my “first love” for drama, but overall, it was great. I wish it would have a part two.

“Some corners are dangerously thrilling; some corners are filled with surprises. Whether it is surprises or dangerous thrills, if you don’t walk over there you’ll definitely won’t know what you’ll meet.”

“The chance of meeting each other can be close to impossible, but it wouldn’t hurt to walk around the streets a few more times.”

-Corner with Love

I’ve finished a couple of dramas, stuck in the middle of some, and waiting for the next subbed episode of one. I’d write about them in the next few days.

I owe a lot to this, since this is how I gained interest in many other similar things, such as listening to C-pop music, then to the progression of learning Chinese, and never getting bored channel scanning Chinese channels. I suggest you watch a drama whose plot you’d be interested in. There are hundreds, be it Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Taiwanese, and I promise you’d want to watch more and more. Oh, of course, don’t forget to watch our own local shows too! We have at least three channels to choose from.

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