November Food Photo Dump

Sushi-all-you-can at Yakimix

Guyabano! (Can it really help cure cancer?)

Clubhouse at Glen’s 50’s Diner, Baguio (It was bigger than my hands!)

Chicken noodles, Ruins

Beef teriyaki, school fair

Homemade chocolate cake from Mariah (So sweet -literally!)

Champong, Yutaka Izakaya (Delish!)

Pearl milk tea, Moonleaf Tea Shop (Hmm… thinking if P70 is worth it.)

Star Rice at Star Cafe, Baguio

Just thought that I’d blog about food for a change. Forgive me for the title –not all pictures were taken this November!

What did you have for breakfast/lunch/dinner today?


3 thoughts on “November Food Photo Dump

  1. Hi TechieChef! Thanks for liking! Visited your food blog. It’s making me hungry right now!

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