If My Pet Would Talk

I think a letter would be more fun to write.

To my dear owner,

When I first entered your home, I first went under the car to sleep. I still remember the moment you saw me -I couldn’t describe how you felt. You kept on shouting and jumping like a kid, so I was a bit scared to have you as my owner, thinking, “Oh gosh, I have a weird owner.” (laughs) You never had a puppy before, so I knew how excited you were to take care of me. During the first few weeks, we got along so well. Everyday, you made it a point to talk and play with me. You gave me dog food everyday.

You wanted to name me Frieda, Vulpix and even Jufran. All of you couldn’t agree on what to name me. I was nameless for three months, until your brothers thought of a name, and named me “Dogdog”. What was on your minds? Wow, you really thought of my name, didn’t you? I’d rather you named me Catcat. Nevertheless, I’m very grateful you named me, rather than calling me by saying “Pssst” or even “Hoy”.

As months pass, I noticed that your care for me lessened. When you came from school, you wouldn’t even mind me even if I ran to the door when I would hear the engine of the bus. I don’t know why. Was it because you were annoyed that I was too sociable that I’d chase a random person who passes by? or is it because I’m a mongrel? I can feel it, you don’t even give me dog food anymore. But I’m fine with it.

I’m not even a year old but now I think I’m pregnant. When the door opens, I run out to meet other dogs, but I wouldn’t go back when you would chase after me. I don’t completely blame myself. At night you would leave me outside the house.

It seems like it’s only your brother who actually cares for me. Right now, I need extra care, love and attention as I am going through something. I really feel week because of my condition. Can you bring me to a vet?

Probably when I give birth, you might show your care for me again.

I miss you.



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