Pro-Life Forum

My fellow campus journalists and I, along with the debate team, attended a Pro-Life Forum this week sponsored by Youth United for the Philippines (YUP!) at the Tuloy sa Don Bosco Foundation in Muntinlupa City. I was really looking forward to the forum since it was my first time to attend one.

So many schools and institutions attended. I didn’t expect the event to be this big. Aside from the legislators who spoke, a couple of personalities were present too. If you know me, you know how mababaw I am when it comes to celebrities, politicans, etc. Starstruck!

Ms. Christine Jacob-Sandejas hosted the event. Since we were a bit far from the stage, we couldn’t see them well. As the emcee started talking, sabi ko, “Parang familiar yung boses niya… sa Full Time Moms ko siya naririnig.” Siya nga! Another person to add to the list of celebrities I’ve seen!

Christine Jacob and Chris Tiu

As Ms. Christine was introducing the person to announce the names of the speakers, she said something like, “He just came from the SEA Games.” Sabi ko sa sarili ko, “Chris Tiu…?” Haha, random. Then she said, “…basketball!” HAHA! Wild guess! Hiyawan ang mga tao! Ako rin. I am now a fan of him because we both like 周杰伦 (Jay Chou)! Hehehe. After that, I was looking for him to take a closer picture. He probably left at once.

Supposedly 9 legislators were to speak, though only six of them came. I was looking forward to hearing Lucy Torres talk but she wasn’t able to catch up.

Group picture with Ms. Christine Jacob. She’s super nice!

Another group picture! Rep. Aliah Dimaporo is really pretty and articulate. She was nice enough to answer a couple of questions our fellow campus journ asked. Her outfit was awesome, by the way.

After the seminar, we went out and had *ehem* Starbucks. Hahahaha.

I had no idea what to get. I got iced green tea latte. Should I have gotten a frappe?

Every time I look at the picture, I couldn’t stop laughing because of the spelling of my name. I can imagine pronouncing it, emphasis on the “th” sound. Lol.

One question that struck me: How will it improve live if it prevents life?

Personally, there was more to just attending the forum. I was able to see celebrities (haha!). Joke. Aside from gaining awareness and knowledge on this issue, I had a great time doing something fulfilling with my schoolmates and friends, who also attended.

To end, here’s the cutest music video I have ever watched. Shameless plugging of Mandopop. 我爱大嘴巴!


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