Currently watching: Drunken to Love You

Lately, I have been watching tons of dramas because of the fact that school is almost here. To be exact, I hate to tell you this, but it’s 30 days from now. Even if watching TV is my favorite thing to do, I rarely get to do it when there is school, except watching the news when having dinner.

Anyway, here are the shows I am trying to finish within a month:

  • Drunken to Love You
  • He’s Beautiful
  • Miss No Good
  • My Queen

Of all these, my favorite is the first bullet! It’s actually an ongoing drama in Taiwan, so I have to wait every week for it to be uploaded and subbed. What made me watch this show is Rainie Yang, one of my favorite Taiwanese actresses. She starred in Hi My Sweetheart too. I didn’t know who the lead man was, but simply staring at Joseph Chang’s face since the first episode made me want to watch it more.

Drunken to Love You. Click to view source

Drunken to Love You is a spin-off of Fated to Love You (hence the name). The stories are pretty similar. It’s about two people who were rejected by their fiance/fiancee and got married in the midst of being drunk. And the story goes on. It’s a mix of comedy, drama and romance. Really good. The story is so cute, nothing heavy or what. I suggest you watch it!

I already watched the first four episodes and I am waiting for the next one so badly! You can watch them online on MySoju. Aside from English subtitles, there might be one in your language!

Edit 12/8/11:

OMG DRUNKEN TO LOVE YOU ON GMA!!!! Yey :)) Hindi ako makapaniwala, as in! I was literally jumping when I found out about GMA airing it… YES!



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