Back on WordPress

*repost from old blog*

I’m finally back. I signed-up on Tumblr last week and I thought I’d be leaving WordPress forever -thankfully not. I thought of using Tumblr because of it being much simpler than WordPress, user-friendly, and the hundreds of layouts to choose from. I had fun using it for eight days, and now I have decided to go back.

Even if the ones on Tumblr were mostly my age, I didn’t really completely like the atmosphere there. I sign-in, view my dashboard and reblog and “like” posts endlessly. The main reason why I blog is to simply express my thoughts through words and paragraphs. Though I was having a great time reblogging my favorite celebrities’ pictures, laughing at tons of internet meme and “liking” a few inspirational quotes, I felt like it definitely defeated my blogging purpose. I don’t like its old idea of “Tumblarity” either. It makes me wonder if people really want to blog to express themselves or just join the site for the sake of getting more followers to be what they call, “Tumblr famous”. I don’t want to be in a place where there is so much pressure to be a “somebody” on the site.

One thing I am happy for being on Tumblr is discovering people who have the same interests as me, as well as making me realize that there are people of my nationality who like the things I like too.

I’m still thinking whether to delete my account or not. I might feel bad losing some fellow users on the website and the things I reblogged and liked. I might use it just as a time-passer or to get updates from different celebrities, but my main blog will be on WordPress, which I call my home. Even if I rarely come across blogs who share the same interests with me here, I truly enjoy reading more sensible, meaningful, and relevant posts from my fellow bloggers.


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