Goodbye Blog

Goodbye blog (well, kinda).

I am now moving to a new one. Still on WordPress, still under the same username, still the same me.

I won’t be deleting this though. I believe that I would need this blog address in the future. But I’ll still be posting things here for school or official stuff -nothing really personal here.

Oh, and to my past groupmates who want to view our old projects, don’t worry, they’re still here. Just keep on clicking “Older Entres” at the bottom-left of the page until you reach your desired post.

If you’d like to know my new blog address:

  • It consists of two words.
  • The first word is a color.
  • The second word is something that looks like an electric fan, “moves” like an electric fan but is not used like an electric fan. Lol.
  • Basically, the blog username is a song!

See you there, I hope! *smiles*


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