In a Nutshell: Freshman Year

The school year has come to an end. I can’t believe that I had already gone through freshman year -knowing that I can’t go back to it anymore.

This school year was one heck of a rollercoaster ride -it had its ups and downs. Academically, I did everything that I could to get high grades since I knew that high school grades are such a big thing in college and hopefully with good grades, I could study in my dream school in the future. More or less, everything paid off in the end -sleeping late and waking up early to fulfill requirements; doing almost everything in projects; having to deal with freeloaders; studying VERY hard; deactivating my Facebook account and having no life (what am I saying, whatever, I never had a life!)

Socially, I met a lot of people. I made a couple of friends and acquaintances. I got to go out more often with my friends and go to farther places, maybe because I’m already in high school. Having to had deal with inconsiderate, ignorant and matapobre people every single day was such a hard thing to do, I guess.

I have never loved and admired my teachers this much.  Maybe it’s that high school thing. I may not have been personally close to them, but I believe that I share a “special” bond with each of them. Honestly, I feel that they’re the ones I will miss the most, knowing that most of them are already leaving.

As for my section, FB, had the extremes -the really nice people and the really mean people. It saddens me that I didn’t have a lot of friends in the classroom. I didn’t really have the chance to interact or at least talk to my classmates, which saddens me even more.

There were times that there was just so much to do that I rather died; having also experienced waking up and dreading the feeling of having to go to school, and also waking up full of good vibes and positivity -“Yes, I’m going to school!”

To my teachers, the words “thank you” cannot even encompass my gratitude for all the selfless deeds you have done. I know that it’s not easy at all to be a teacher -having to deal with different students of different backgrounds every single day; having to check test papers with essays with ideas that are far-fetched and don’t make sense at all, or even a Math solution only God knows how one came up with it; students passing mediocre projects; and presenting oral defenses just for the sake of getting them over with. Despite those, being a teacher is such a fulfilling job and a noble profession I wouldn’t mind having. Personally, I hope I wasn’t a headache to any of you or someone you dreaded seeing. I hope you would think twice about leaving. The alumni card would be of no use since we wouldn’t be able to see you when we visit school in the next five years or what.

To my classmates, thank you for being a part of my freshman life, even if I didn’t really get the chance to know most of you. I appreciate the simple Hi’s and Hello’s you gave. I hope I helped you guys fully when you asked for help or what. Oh, and sorry if you asked for my help and I wasn’t able to, or it seemed like I was just forced to help. It had been my pleasure to share what I could with you guys and I hope you appreciate it. To the ones who opened up to me regarding their grades, I hope you took my advice in a positive way. Thank you for trusting in me. It means a lot.

To my friends -yes, the people who make my everyday life go smoothly little by little. Thank you! Thank you for listening to my stories and to what I say even if what I talked about was so boring. Thank you when we all would talk- no gadgets, no nothing. Just us, laughing around, making fun of each other, opening up, sharing our sentiments or what. I enjoy a good conversation. I hope that this would happen again even if we don’t get to be classmates next year and the years to come. Sorry if I was so impatient, specifically when you asked for help in Algebra. Sorry if it seemed like I didn’t treat you guys as my friends but I did, and still do. I hope you weren’t offended when I called you an “ignorant a-hole” when you called Mubarak a “what” or when you knew the characters of a drama series more than the characters in Florante and Laura.

I have learned so much this school year. I was not always happy, but I was pretty much contented.

I hope I inspired you in a way. There is always sophomore, junior and senior year to have better grades, to build up your character, to discover yourself and to simply be the person you are.

This wasn’t my best school year, but the memories it imparted will always and forever be cherished and treasured, and cannot simply fade away.

I had a great freshman year.

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