Music Video, School and Gimmick Pictures

Hi, groupmates and friends! Sorry to have kept you waiting. Here are the pictures you have been asking for since forever. Make sure to unzip them.

  • Thursday Gimmick (password is the merienda I had, no space) Sobrang bagal ng internet… in the meantime, yung dalawa muna.

Comment on this blog post so that I’d know that you’ve already gotten them so I can delete them at once (you know why). Salamat! Thank you for being part of my freshman year!


12 thoughts on “Music Video, School and Gimmick Pictures

  1. the music video pictures won’t download at all and the last week of school only shows a little pictures. it says that its broken of something… 😀

  2. What?! How’s that? They don’t fit if I send them through e-mail. Don’t tell me I have to activate my account to post pictures… hehe. Hmm… I’ll think of another way.

  3. activate your account na please!! 😀 I’m begging you, please! 😀

  4. Maita! I have na the “last week of school” i needed to extract it lang pala 😀

  5. Okay that’s good! Please post them and tag people. Thanks a lot! Tell me if the other file isn’t working.

  6. Can you also send me the pictures from Pueblo, so that I can also pot them??? Thank you!!! 😀

  7. Maita! i tried to upload the pictures to facebook but i doesnt want to…
    You have to activate your facebook talaga! 😀
    SO SORRY! 🙂

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