The Languages I Speak

I can speak two languages fluently -Filipino (Tagalog) and English.

I had attempted to learn Spanish about two years ago online. I already knew how to construct very simple sentences and made myself familiar with basic household and conversational words. Knowing Tagalog helped a lot since a lot of Spanish and Tagalog words are the same in meaning. I really don’t know the reason why I stopped learning -maybe I wasn’t so inspired, thinking that I didn’t really have a use for it.

Early this year, because of my interest in Taiwan drama series (or Taiwanovelas), I was inspired to learn Chinese, with the help of the internet. I am actually more on learning how to read and write characters and the speaking part comes in secondary. I didn’t have time to learn on a continuous basis because of school, but I might as well  continue with it considering that summer has just began. So far, I can read and write a few characters -more than 5 but less than twenty. They are 一, 二, 三, 四, 五, 六,七, 八, 九, 十, 爱, 不, 单, 行, 上, 下, 水, 月, 日, 人. I still have a long way to go, considering that there about 50,000 characters in the Chinese language. Who knows, with this very few knowledge I have, it might help me in the business world (or what) when I grow up.

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