7 Things About Myself that I Dislike

I am a sensitive person. I might take some jokes personally. I may feel bad if a person says things about me or comments on how I act. This isn’t a nice thing since people may think that I’m too serious with my life that I have no fun, or that I can’t accept my mistakes and weaknesses.

When I’m assigned as the leader in a project, I tend to be so demanding to my fellow members. I command them to do this and that, and get annoyed when they don’t follow. We may get high in the end but deep inside, I feel like I’m not an effective leader.

This is one thing I really have to work on. We don’t really know what happens to other people unless we put ourselves in their shoes, do we? Maybe this is also a reason why I didn’t get to interact with different people in my class.

Hold grudges
This isn’t a very healthy attitude. Even if I had already forgiven the people who had hurt me in the past, there is still a wall, or maybe a fence that separates me from them. I can forgive but cannot easily forget. Just like a broken glass with its pieces glued back together, the cracks and cuts can still be seen.

I must admit that I’m a pretty serious person. I don’t smile as much as I think I should. It’s just that I’ve gone through a lot; so many things I try to face. But I’m not using that as a justification or excuse. As a result, people think that I’m mad, sad or what.

I get pissed-off if someone says or does something that’s annoying, rude or hurtful. I don’t like it when I lose my temper -I say or do things I wish I didn’t say.

I can be negative at times, though I wish I could see the beauty in everything and everyone. My problems burden me and I carry so much weight on my shoulders.


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