Teachers When They Don’t Teach

I ended up on my old teacher’s girlfriend’s blog (don’t ask me how I got there!) and read an entry about her boyfriend, and that is, one of my teachers. It’s really awkward knowing your teachers’ lives outside school -and you thought they were all teach, teach, teach; like how you find out that they smoke (that’s just a turn-off), or reading a teacher’s sentiments and complaints in and out of school and using a blog as an outlet for them.

I just found out that one of my past teachers is in a relationship with one of his or her students way back. That’s just awkward. Now I can just imagine myself being a girlfriend of any of my guy teachers five or ten years from now. Kill me if that ever happens! Super awkward. That actually happens? Creepy.


3 thoughts on “Teachers When They Don’t Teach

  1. Haha!! Really nangyayari pala un?!
    .. You said you deleted your posts!! 🙂

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