25 Random Facts About Me

  1. Mahilig ako magkamay kapag kumakain.
  2. Call it hygienic, O.C. or what -I floss my teeth everyday. Well, why O.C.? Hindi ‘yan kasi uso among my classmates eh… I asked them!
  3. I can live without cable T.V. I usually watch local shows.
  4. I survived grade school without a camera phone, a NEW phone, a camera, a boyfriend, an M.U. (or kung ano man yun), etc. Take it from me -you don’t need these things to make you feel good about yourself. Yes, I didn’t have those, but I did have *ehem* grades na, well, alam mo na. YABANG! (Well, pagbigyan mo na ‘ko, yun lang naman pwede ko ipagmalaki! Hehe.)
  5. My pet peeve? Being late! Lalo na sa school tsaka sa Mass.
  6. My music player (as of now) has barely 21 songs. I’m not really a music person. And the songs I have are probably those you’ve never heard of (literally)!  Most of them are from the Taiwanovelas I watch and jazz music. I don’t really listen to mainstream music. Well, I’m not embarrassed nor proud not to be listening to mainstream music. Well, I don’t pretend that I know a song and start singing along. I’m pretty honest when it comes those stuff. Tahimik lang ako.
  7. I like to help others a lot and I’m always willing to lend a helping hand. I don’t like people asking for paper though, or at least getting my stuff!
  8. I’ve had a diary since I was 9 years old. So far, I have 9. I used to write every single day but now, well, thanks high school. Have one, you won’t regret it!
  9. I like to prop up my knee when I eat (siyempre, sa bahay ko lang yun ginagawa!)
  10. Ayoko talaga sa taong matapobre. I don’t like ignorant and inconsiderate people too. When I mean ignorant -people who aren’t aware of what’s happening in the world today (current events, etc.) Open your mind, people! Step out of your comfort zone. Look around. Don’t be so selfish. Call me weird or what… but I think one should not be an ignorant member of the society. (Naks?) In short, mga walang pakialam kundi sarili tsaka yung mga gusto niya!
  11. I’ve been living (and loving) life without Facebook since August 7, 2010. I realized I’ve been much happier without it, and I get to do a lot of the things I need to do in a day! I think I got higher grades after that.
  12. When I was younger, I wanted to be a doctor or a dentist so bad. I even said that I was already sure and that was final. Well, that was only, what, three or four years ago? Looking back, all I can say is, what! I want to work in the government, or if not, in the media. I don’t want to say that I’m already “sure” about that and that it’s final!
  13. I’m trying to learn Chinese. Trying to! I got inspired after watching a couple of Taiwanovelas. I can read very, very, very, very, very little! And write some characters.
  14. People  say that I know so much things for my age. Masyado raw akong maraming alam. But one person said na yung mga alam ko naman daw, useless.  I don’t completely believe that person though.
  15. I get a sore throat easily, that’s why I try not to eat chocolate that much, even if I drink lots of water. A small bar will give me a sore throat, then a fever. Maybe I should get a tonsillectomy soon!
  16. My last crush was in grade six, and that was it. Never had a crush anymore, dunno why. Really!
  17. I prefer to write in script than in print. I never write in print… well, when I do, it’s capitalized.
  18. I can’t leave the house without a watch. I feel incomplete without it!
  19. Kapag nakakita ako ng artista, na-sa-starstruck ako nang sobra, and I can say that that would make my day!
  20. I feel absolute happiness when I go out. Kahit saan! Tsaka kapag nakakasakay ako ng LRT, MRT para mag joyride.
  21. I like to look outside the window when I’m inside the car. Gusto ko yung nakakakita ako ng mga bagay-bagay, tao, kung saan-saan. I like exploring the outside world!
  22. I feel happy when I’m in Manila. When I say Manila, I meant MAYNILA, as in the city. Not the surrounding cities. (Off topic -why do people say they’re from Manila if they’re from Metro Manila?)
  23. Super saya ko rin  kapag nasa KYUSI ako! (Quezon City) ABSOLUTE HAPPINESS!
  24. They say I’m deep and “mature” for my age, pero iyakin naman daw (dati yon!) ‘Di na ngayon, I guess. Sabi rin nila na masyado raw akong nationalistic. Bakit, dahil lang ba nag-Tatagalog ako? Joke!
  25. I want to change the world. It seems so impossible (I mean, knowing a person like me, low-key and “reserved”). One of my goals is to at least give back to my country. And change things for the better. I don’t know how, but I’ll try.

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