Xuéxiào (School)

School has been stressing me so much these days!!! Kung walang tests the following day, tons of projects are to be done and submitted. Almost every week nalang, may project! Kung wala namang project, tadtad naman ng homework. Oh, I was talking of major projects, those 15% of your class standing. They’re no joke, we get to sleep late because of them! But it’s also a good thing, since I get to go to my classmates’ house and have fun at the same time (hehe!) So many requirements to pass… why, high school? I’m not even halfway and I’m already stressed out so much! I don’t get to sleep early anymore… not only that, I’ve been waking up really early in the morning to finish work I didn’t get to finish the night before. I don’t get to do the things I want (or even need to!) I don’t get to write on my diary anymore (sob, I broke a ritual!) and I don’t get to keep track of any TV shows and series anymore (and that is one of my favorite hobbies).

Heh, I don’t even know why I even bothered blogging now. I’m not even done with my work. And I still have to wash the dishes. Traits of a “good” student… hehehe. Oh well, at least naman, in the end, all this will pay off, hopefully.

Imagine if I were a freeloader and a tamad-at-walang-pakialam-pakopya-ng-homework student… thank God na hindi… yata.


6 thoughts on “Xuéxiào (School)

  1. naks! … haha ! you broke a ritual! 🙂 …i was smiling when i read your blog! it’s so nice!
    wow maita, ung last sentence 😀 yanga! why do you even bother blogging! dami pang gagawin! 🙂 k yun lang.. i like your blog 🙂

  2. Hey Mika :)) Salamat, xie xie, agyaman-ak… hahaha! :)) Hope you learn something, kahit konti sa blog, and to know a little bit of me… maraming na-re-reveal sa’kin through my blog! Haha :)) Basahin mo yung mga surveys ko dito, they’ll tell you a few things about me. How self-centered. :)) Thanks again! AGYAMAN-AK! AAAAAAAAAAAK! :))

  3. what the hell is “agyaman-ak” ?! does it mean thank you? 😀 ..sure i’ll read your surveys to learn more about YOU 🙂 ..k i’ll be busy reading all your surveys! :))

  4. OMG FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))) KAPAMPANGAN PALA!!!!!! SINEARCH KO ILOKANO!!!!!!!! I don’t usually use this term, pero, EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAHIYA TO THE MAXIMUM LEVEL!!!!!!!!! =)) DACAL A SALAMAT! :))

  5. HUWAWZ. HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!! :))))))))))) Tumatawa talaga ako ngayon :))))))))))

  6. AY WOW!!! hahaha!! FAIL MAITA FAIL!! :))
    …grabe !! hahahaha!!! :)))

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