Hello Everyone! <3

I realized that I haven’t had an introduction on myself or something like that, which is something that’s required to be written for my club in school. Oh well, here goes nothing:

I created a blog because I am fond of writing, mostly about the things that happen in a day, but I do have a diary or journal. This blog is like my “security blanket” online (not sure if I used the term right…) This is the only outlet I have online (kinda). I do have Facebook and Twitter accounts but I’d rather not use them just because. So here, I’m pretty happy with just one blog.

I’m a freshman in high school. So far, it’s been good! My grades are okay and my social life is… well, better, if I may say. It’s been great. I met tons of great people this school year who make my everyday life go smoothly little by little. Though I’ve met new people, some old friends have always been there, just to name a few.

Aside from writing, I like to read, watch TV (mostly local) and cook. I also play the piano and I’m learning the ukulele. I also write to my penpals frequently (hey, don’t get me wrong!)

I’ve gone through a lot, so I couldn’t really blame myself for having this “serious” face of mine. So many things bothering me; a lot of concerns I try to face. I do smile, try to smile a lot, but there are times I’d put on that face. So people think I’m mad or galit sa mundo… but I’m not, really! Please don’t get me wrong… lol.

I have always been an “academics” person. All the things I have achieved in my life go under the category of academics. I was never a sporty person and will never be! No, I don’t really do it on purpose… maybe I was just meant for school. It’s a frustration of mine to be at least a well-rounded person.

Oh, and I like simplicity.

As I finish this post, I hope I can make a home here on this blog and  I hope that this would be somewhat “satisfying” to me and possibly, to you!


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