Top 5! (Survey)

List your top five friends/the first five that come to mind here.
1. Nitchelle
2. Angelique
3. Mariah
4. Justin
5. Mika

What are their names?
1. Nitchelle
2. Angelique
3. Mariah
4. Justin
5. Mika

How & when did you meet them?
1. 2002. Neighbors!
2. 2005. School!
3. 2006. Schoool!
4. 2003. Schooool!
5. 2010. Schoooool!

What reminds you of them?
1. Biking, K-POP!
2. Fishes, khaki pants… don’t ask!
3. Chorale, Laughing! Basta!
4. God, FF, YM
5. DB!

What is your favorite thing about this person?
1. So fun to be with, laftrip, nonsense
2. Inside jokes, stupid disasters, and a lot more!
3. Inside jokes, super caring! Contagious laugh! Contagious everything!
4. Parating nand’yan since forever… yihee!
5. Super nakakatawa!

How would you describe them, in three words?
1. “I love UKiss!”
2. “Fishes are white!”
3. “Super tall ako!”
4. “Lying, cheating b*stard!” (inside joke)
5. “Na DB ako!”

If they were on a deserted island, what would they bring with them?
1. UKISS memorabilia
2. iTouch
3. Infinite memory camera
4. Bible
5. Super awesome Samsung phone

what is your favorite inside joke with each of them?

1. A lot, nothing specific.
2. Diary, yeah! DB! Deviantart!
3. Crap! Wala akong maisip.
4. LCB! Not much inside jokes,  more of inside stuff.
5. DB!

what is their favorite band or artist?
1. UKISS! For the nth time.
2. Taylor Swift?
3. Pussycat Dolls!
4. Actually, I don’t know. Metallica?
5. I don’t know!

Favorite memory with them?
1. Biking, tapos…
2. Outreach! DB! Deviantart!
3. LRC! Something…
4. A lot! Grad ball, reco, YM, lahat!
5. Outreach! DB!

When is the last time you talked to them?
1. About two weeks ago.
2. Today through text!
3. Yesterday!
4. This afternoon through chatting! (priceless)
5. Yesterday!

What do you think would be the best job for them?
1. UKiss Relations Officer to the Philippines (I’m serious!)
2. Cook! Well, hindi naman cook… siguro first class hotel chef!
3. Model or singer sa rep!
4. Pope! I would be the happiest person on earth if that happens.
5. Artist!

What is the best thing about them physically?
1. Height.
2. Height too.
3. Height! (I’m serious. What is up with people’s height these days?)
4. Physically… hmm. Hi Justin. HEIGHT!
5. Height! Hey, I wasn’t being sarcastic. Only biased. *sticks tongue out*

How long have you known them?
1. Since before I even studied.
2. Division 1. That was about five years ago!
3. About four years already!
4. Division 1 days. Grade one!
5. This year!

Why do you love this person so much?
1. Just because!
2. Super nice and laftrip. Trustworthy!
3. Super ma-kwento. Really someone you can count as a friend.
4. He’s always been there in good times and bad! And…
5. SUPER FUNNY! Nice and fun to talk to.

What are their siblings and/or pets names?
1. Lewi; Jiggles, Jake
2. Gill, Mika; no pets!
3. 3M’s! Mark, Mara, Mary; not sure with the pet.Sorry Raya! You never told me!
4. Maita. Joke. No sibs. Not sure with the pets!
5. Mika, you never told me the name! And I’m not sure with the pets either.

Have you ever been in a fight? if so, what about?
1. Fight… yeah, before, I was immature back then.
2. Grade six! Not really fight, the worst was an argument, I think.
3. Never really! Diba? Tampu-tampuhan lang ‘ata.
4. Fight… Justin, did we ever fight? Third-term-tantrums lang in grade six. Oh wait, you got mad at me about a month ago with Kyle!
5. No! Never! No reason to fight!

Who does this person like, or who are they dating?
1. Nitchelle, you never told me! UKISS guy?
2. Fishy and brown shorts!
3. Secret!
4. Justin never told me THE OTHER TRUTH. Hi Justin. Take a bow.
5. Wala raw!

If you hung out with them right now, what would you do?
1. Bike, kwento!
2. Kwento!
3. Kwento rin!
4. Kwento! I need this.
5. Kwento! You owe me a lot!

Name a random fact about each person.

1. She’s really tall, napapagkamalan siyang mas matanda sa’kin, kahit one year apart lang.
2. She’s really demure, quiet, but overall, she’s so nice and all! We have a lot of inside jokes, ‘tas super mababaw kami; kahit ano pinagtatawanan.
3. She’s really talented, pretty and everything nice but she doesn’t realize it. She could be a model!
4. Super bait and religious (emphasis on those). You might think he’s weird, walks WEIRD and talks like Squidward (no, I did not say that, someone else meant), but he’s more to those (naks!)
5. She always smiles! Grabe, super galing mag-drawing. Ka-vibes ko (did I use the term right?) MARAMI KAMING INSIDE JOKES!

Finally, before you leave, dedicate a song to each of them (one that reminds them of you).
1. That UKiss song. I don’t remember the title! Bingeul Bingeul?
2. Any Taylor Swift song (inside joke. Fail!)
3.  Ano yung title ng PCD song na, “I don’t want you… blah” Hush Hush?
4. Purihin ang Panginoon! (so grade six pa!)
5. What song? Ligaya?

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16 thoughts on “Top 5! (Survey)

  1. what’s with you and Justin? YIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ♥ =))
    ~When I was thirteen I had my first love weqkrnfdgjn above~

  2. What’s with me AND Justin? Wala!! :)) Wala nga, swear… bakit [niyo] ba “kami” inaasar? :)) Ewan. Basta wala, ako na nagsasabi. Tanungin mo siya kung ayaw mo sagot ko. :))

  3. I dunno if you remember, but I still do… :)) Uhmm… that was around second or third term, when Jami used to be your seatmate and Angelo was my seatmate. :)) I lent you a pen, tapos I asked if I could have it back, you said wait. Then I asked again (I know I’m so makulit!! :))) Uhhm… tapos you said, “WAIT!!!!” Don’t take it against me but you ehem… :(( <– emoticon :))
    OMG I STILL REMEMBER!!!!!! See?! We "never" fought. So far, that was the "worst" I could think of. See, ang babaw natin!! :))

  4. Oh!!! Are you sure, that that’s what happened??? I remember that I :(( but I dont remember you asking me for your pen…
    Anyways, we were like soo young pa then…

  5. Hey Maita! 🙂
    Demure! WOW! That’s soo deep! 😉
    YOu know i had to search in google pa for the meaning :))

  6. Hi Angelique… hahaha that made me laugh! Demure, deep yon?!?! I bet Mika *ehem* doesn’t know that either… peace, Mika! Now you know the meaning, is it a good or bad thing? Haha!

  7. Dude!! I don’t like UKISS anymore 😛 I like Owl City.. hahaha, we fought kasi parang you didn’t want to play with me, (we were like 5??) =)) hahahahahaha, and you love me “just because?” 😛 na over act masyado.. and yes, we always talk about nonsense.. more on ym kasi when we’re together, parang ang seryoso natin.. 😐 =))

  8. Nitch! You never replied to my message on Facebook. 😦 Haha, Nitch, I wrote this in October 2010! Almost two years ago! Things have changed, yes, even the genre of music I listen to is already way different from two years ago. Heh, we’re more mature now! Yes. 😀 I completely agree!! Sa YM, random things talaga. Sa person we’d talk about the Philippines. Haha labo. :p Glad to see you here! How come you changed your Tumblr URL? I linked you on my blogroll. 🙂

  9. Um, I guess my blog just needed an upgrade and I think now you know why 😛 sorry I didn’t reply on FB.. was busy eh. Yes, we’re very mature now, pero is that possible? =)) joke lang.. 😀 hey, gonna ask you something one time 😀 personalan tayo.. in person, NOT in YM =))

  10. Haha! Siyempre, alam ko na kung bakit. Nice conversation we had sa phone! Hope we could see each other and talk about the “things” we will face soon. ‘Lam mo na ‘yun. 😀

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